We would love to design something out of metal for you!


Welcome to our web page!  My goal is to get this site setup so eventually people will be able to purchase items directly from here.  For now you can see pictures of a lot of the items we've made, just click on the links above.  More information and pictures are available on our Facebook site.  Click on the following link: 

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About us: 
We are Gene and Keri Lehman.  We live outside Van Meter, IA and have three wonderful children. 

Gene has been a welder for over 30 years.  Our new adventure in metal work all started because I, Keri, wanted a set of deer in the yard.  Gene drew them out by hand, then cut them out with a plasma cutter, all by hand.  Other people wanted items, so we started the business.  As we started we found people wanted items more personalized which involved a great amount of detail.  Gene could do it, but it took a lot of time.  We decided to purchase a CNC machine, so now I design, and Gene cuts out and powder coats the items.  

We hope you enjoy our metal work.  If you have ideas of other things you'd like to see us make, please let us know, we are open to ideas!

How do you purchase items?  

 - We don't have the website setup yet to make purchases, but give us a call at 515 975 6277 or 515 975 9587.  We drop off a lot of items locally plus we can ship!

We both have other full time jobs right now, so we might not be able to answer right away, but leave us a message!  

Thanks for checking us out!

Design That Works for You

Looking for something unique?  Possibly something personalized? 

You can choose from any of our current designs, or if you're looking for something else, I can design something new for you!  We have thousands of templates to choose from and I've been learning how to design and modify items. We have not been doing logos, college, or pro teams as I don't want to get in trouble with licensing issues.  

Things we've made: 
 - Signs (indoors and out)
 - Fire Pits
 - Yard Art
 - Trivets
 - Napkin/Letter Holders
 - Coat Racks
 - Key Racks
 - Seasonal items
 - Quilt blocks
 - Decorations
 - Memorial Signs
 - Hot Dog / Marshmallow roaster
 - Benches
 - Butterfly chairs

Want to order something?  For now, the best way is to call us!  515 975 6277. 
I've been asked many times how we make our metal items. Here's a brief summary: 

 - Using CAD software, I usually pick out "templates", which are mainly designs created by Signtorch, and design a picture, else I draw out pictures save these designs. 
 - Gene plugs these designs into his CNC machine computer system, sets the size, and cuts them out. 
 - Gene then grinds the pieces smooth removing the "slag", the little rough pieces.  Also, if any hangers are needed or any other welding is needed, it's done before...
 - Unless the piece is too big, he powder coats the pieces, baking the paint on. 
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